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Michael Passick

The Hebrew school at MHJC center really gave Katherine a solid formal education in the structure and understanding of Judaism. More importantly, she has a sense of pride and respect for her heritage and a

Harvey Cohen

May MHJC continue to be the "Little Synagogue That Does" for the next 120 years. Harvey Cohen

Frances Roth

MHJC is a wonderful place for my family. We've been members for the past few years and chose it because it is relatively small. I love that because it's small, people know who we are

Ronni Mordechai-Strongin

Shlomo and I found a home here at MHJC, a community of like-minded people who are kind and giving. The board and volunteers are passionate about and committed to the synagogue and each other. We’re

Debbie Atlas

To me, MHJC is where my family and I were welcomed with open arms from the very first day we walked through the doors. It's where people are always happy to see us and have

Myron Moskowitz

Sue and I have been members of MHJC since 1975. I know that because that is the year our daughter Beth was born. At that time, we decided to join and make our participation "official."

Sharon Shorten

When Barry and I chose to leave our previous synagogue, we shul shopped for many months and finally decided that MHJC was the place we wanted to be. From the beginning, everyone welcomed us and

Marilyn Morris

It's been over a quarter of a century since we first joined MHJC, initially being attracted by it's reputation as a warm, welcoming and hamish congregation. Over time we've grown to appreciate just how important