The reopening taskforce met  update our protocols in response to the current health situation. Additionally, we are in the process of installing HVAC air filtration systems in the sanctuary. What follows are the protocols for Religious School. Please know that we are doing everything possible to ensure the safety and welfare of our synagogue family.


  • Everyone in the building must be masked at all times during Religious School Hours regardless of vaccination status.
  • All students’ desks will be at least 3 feet away from each other and the teacher’s desk.
  • All the students will have assigned seating in the classroom.
  • Children will enter the building and go right to their classroom.
  • If a child has any COVID symptoms, they must stay home and be symptom and fever free for 72 hours, and present a negative COVID test prior to return to school.
  • If a child tests positive for COVID, the Synagogue office should be contacted as soon as possible and the synagogue will immediately contact the Board of Health and follow the necessary protocols.
  • If a child is diagnosed with COVID they must be at least 10 days from the diagnosis or onset of symptoms, which ever came first, fever free for 72 hours and with decreasing symptoms prior to returning to the temple.
  • Only one child per class will be permitted to use the bathroom at any time.
  • If possible, we will have parent volunteers monitor the halls during Hebrew School hours and make sure children do not congregate in the halls while going to the bathroom.
  • Snacks will be provided, snack time will last for approximately 10 minutes and children may remove their masks and eat their snacks in alternating rows while those sitting in the opposite rows do independent work and keep their masks on.  Once snacks are completed for those rows, they will do independent study while the children in the other rows will have their snacks and the same protocols will be followed.