To make a donation to Manetto Hill Jewish Center, please click the PayPal link below. You will be able to choose the amount of your donation and indicate to which area of the synagogue you wish your donation to be allocated to. We thank you for your donation and no amount is too small and every amount is greatly appreciated.

If you make a donation of any amount to Manetto Hill Jewish Center in honor or in memory of someone, a Tribute Card will be sent to the honoree/recipient in your name.

MHJC Tree of LifeAs you walk into Manetto Hill Jewish Center, the Tree of Life is on your right. With us for decades, the Tree of Life has leaves that go back almost as far as Manetto Hill Jewish Center itself. For a donation of $100, you can add your leaf to our Tree of Life.

To have your leaf added to the Tree of Life, please click the PayPal button. The wording on the leaf can be entered during the PayPal process.

“]Continue through the doors of Manetto Hill Jewish Center and look to your right. The Wall of Life, the clear engraved tiles hang on the wall. You can choose the size of the engraved tile that you wish

$500 – 10 3/8″ by 2 1/2″ tile
$1250 – 10 3/8″ by 5 1/8″ tile
$5000 – 10 3/8″ by 10 3/8″ tile

To have your tile added to the Wall of Life, please click the PayPal button. In the PayPal process you will enter the amount of your donation corresponding with the tile size you wish to have engraved. The wording on the tile can be entered during the PayPal process. You will be contacted directly by MHJC.

MHJC Memorial PlaqueCongregants are encouraged to remember loved ones by donating a Memorial Plaque in their memory. For a one time charge, the plaque is made and installed. Individual plaques are installed where there is room, but every effort is made to locate family members together. The small lights on either side of the name is lit for Yarzeit as well as during the four Yizkor services during the year. In addition, the names on the plaques are listed in the weekly announcements the week before the Yarzeit date. A letter is sent to the relatives on file to remind them of the date.

$300 per name plate

To have a Memorial Plaque added to the walls of Manetto Hill Jewish Center, please click the PayPal button. You will be asked to enter a contact phone number or email during the PayPal process.

Path of HonorThe Path of Honor is the pathway into MHJC. As you enter our Shul, look down. You will see the engraved pavers honoring family, friends, Rabbis, groups, clubs and loved ones. The Path of Honor will be there as long as our building is and will be a living memory to your loved ones or a honor to those that you love. For an order form for the Path of Honor, click here.

To purchase a PAVER in our Path of Honor, please click the PayPal button for a $125 donation. Once your donation has been received, your paver has been reserved. However please download the order form above for your engraving request.

Through a $118 donation, you can memorialize one of Jews of Kolin who perished in the Holocaust. The members of Manetto Hill Jewish Center have the goal of memorializing all 480 of those that perished. To access the list of the Memorial Names, click here.

To become a Kolìn Memory Keeper for a $118 donation, please click the PayPal button. Please indicate who you wish to memorialize in the “notes” section”: