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Manetto Hill Jewish Center Religious School Announces Pilot Multi-Grade Hybrid Program

PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK – May 10, 2021 – Manetto Hill Jewish Center’s Religious School announced to its members and the community the formation of a unique multi-grade pilot program for the 2021-2022 school year. Students will continue to attend two days a week; however, this program will allow parents to choose the day of the week that their child(ren) will attend the multi-grade program, while continuing a one day a week traditional class learning.  This will be the first time parents will have the option to choose between Sunday or Monday classes, allowing the students more options in participating in Religious School and other activities.

This program will group together children of different ages in a way to enhance learning experiences and to enrich curriculum.  During the Sunday/Monday options, the children will be placed together by appropriate age groupings while maintaining the traditional class structure on Wednesdays.  The Sunday/Monday curriculum will be identical with a specialized Wednesday curriculum for each age group.  By offering the Sunday option, Manetto Hill Jewish Center will be able to explore other options for a monthly class for children below traditional Religious School age.

In an email to its membership, the multi-grade hybrid program was developed due to increased requests from existing members and the community.  While continuing the traditional lessons learned within a Hebrew School, this program will introduce students to lessons about holidays, cooking, arts and crafts, Bible stories and other segments of Jewish Life.  The email to the membership addressed the multi-grade program by stating, “There are many benefits of having children learn from both older children and by modeling for younger children”.  The staff of the Religious School will undergo staff development over the summer and have all given their full support to this new program.

While offering a solid, Jewish learning experience, this hybrid program will allow parents flexibility on their schedules.  With so many extra-curricular choices for children today, Manetto Hill Jewish Center recognizes that meeting the needs of its parents is just as important as providing an excellent education to its students.

For questions or for information about enrolling in the Hybrid Multi-Grade Program, email or call (516) 935-5454.  A member of the Manetto Hill Jewish Center leadership will contact you.

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