Manetto Hill Jewish Center High Holidays 2021

To view the 2021 High Holiday Schedule, please click here.

In order to best maintain the safety and welfare of our members and guests, our synagogue leadership meets regularly to discuss current policies.  Due to the results of the most recent survey, it was decided to return to our building for High Holiday Services.  We will be using the listed protocols below during our High Holiday Services.  We will continue to monitor all recommendations from the CDC and change any policy as required.  Thank you for your understanding.

The deadline for High Holiday Seats Registration has passed.  Seat requests are being evaluated and placements are being made based upon these requests.    We will begin selling seats to non-members beginning August 23rd if seats are not available.  Unfortunately, these deadlines cannot be extended.

During the High Holidays, we traditionally increased our generosity of tzedakah (charity).  Please consider making a donation to Manetto Hill Jewish Center as part of our High Holiday Appeal.

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For the most recent Donatable Item List for Manetto Hill Jewish Center, click here.  In our donation link above, you will have the ability to indicate which donatable item you are donating for with the “notes” section.  Once the item is paid for in full, we will purchase that item and you will receive a letter acknowledging your donation.  Thank you for supporting Manetto Hill Jewish Center.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the protocols below, please click here to send an email to the High Holiday Committee.

Manetto Hill Jewish Center High Holiday Policies and Procedures

1) There will be vaccinated and non-vaccinated sections in the sanctuary, which will be clearly marked.

2) Every other row of chairs will be removed from the sanctuary and one chair must remain vacant between each family cluster.

3) The reading table and lectern will be moved back to provide more space between them and the rows of chairs nearest to the bimah.

4) Everyone over two years of age who is attending services must wear a mask that covers their mount and nose. Those masks cannot have a valve nor will gaiters or bandanas be acceptable.

5) In order for Rabbi Neil and Chazzan Konigberg to remove their masks when they are alone together on the bimah, they will need to show proof they have received a negative COVID test result within 48 hours of each holiday. Rabbi Neil and Chazzan Konigberg have both been fully vaccinated.

6) In order for anyone who is speaking or chanting Torah or Haftorah from the bimah, to remove their masks during that time, they must be fully vaccinated and have submitted proof that they have received a negative COVID test within 48 hours of each holiday.