Synagogue Membership

Shalom and welcome!

Our membership is as diverse as the community in which we live, and we welcome interfaith families who want to join our community.

At Manetto Hill Jewish Center, every non-Jewish partner is a valued k’rov Yisrael, a person close to or related to the Jewish people. As a k’rov Yisrael, you and your partner will be respected and welcomed to the MHJC family.

We welcome both Jewish and non-Jewish family members to worship at all services, we invite you to participate, encourage you to ask questions, and support you in your personal and/or familial journey. Both Jewish and non-Jewish partners may join our Sisterhood and Men’s Club. Everyone is welcome to our adult education programs and classes.

A membership category has been created for interfaith families. The k’rov Yisroel modified family membership is 3/4 of the family dues structure. New member discounts apply where applicable.

The k’rov Yisrael family member can serve on committees, volunteer, attend and participate in educational programs, social events, and services. The non-Jewish member can accompany the Jewish member on the bimah, but may not perform the aliyah (a Jewish ritual such as reciting blessings, carrying the torah, opening the ark, etc.).

While the entire family is welcome at MHJC, only members of the Jewish faith can be “primary members.” Primary members can serve in leadership positions, e.g. be on the board of trustees, chair a committee or vote at congregational or ritual meetings.

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Synagogue Membership