Youth Programs

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Kadima – Pre Teen Youth Group

Kadima! Forward!Kadima is our pre-teen youth group that is connected with the NewYork Region of United Kadima meets at the synagogue and provides an opportunity for our children to spend time together in a Jewish enviorment. Kadima has a very full calendar of events, including social programs, holiday activities, social action projects, trips, etc. Kadima is a wonderful way for Jewish kids to connect with each other and with their Judaism.Synagogue Youth. As “Kadimaniks” our children attend meetings and activities at our synagogue and can participate in Regional activities such as dances, conventions, game days, etc. This provides our children with the opportunity to meet friends from all over and realize that they are part of a larger Jewish community.

USY- United Synagogue Youth

USY LogoUSY is our high school youth group. USY is an international youth organization and MHJC USY is a chapter that is part of METNY NY Region. Our USY chapter has a wonderful reputation in the region for the quality of its programs and its members. USY has a very full calendar of events that cover all aspects of its program; social, social action, Israel, religious and Tzedakah. The chapter meets at the synagogue and there is generally a regional dance or convention each month for the USY members as well. Attending Regional activities enables USYers to make friends with other Jewish High School students from all over the state. Many USYers attend the International convention each December and participate in the USY summer programs which solidifies their connection to a much larger Jewish community. USY provides a terrific opportunity for Jewish teens to interact with each other, and for them to learn leadership skills, develop lifelong friendships and share their connection to Judaism and Israel.