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Thank You for an Exceptional Year (Nitzavim 09/24/22)

Thank You for an Exceptional Year

Our Torah reading, Parshat Nitzavim, starts:

“You are standing this day, all of you, before your God, —your leaders, your elders, your officials, every person in Israel, including your children, even the stranger within your camp, from the woodchopper to the water drawer.”

The Torah’s intention is that when we make a covenant with God, we do it all together – every single person is needed.

Along these lines, it takes a multitude to make a synagogue a success; thank you for making 5782 such a wonderful year at MHJC. Our President, Vice Presidents, executive board members, and trustees all worked tirelessly to keep our synagogue financially afloat, engage our membership, and keep our building up and running.

It would be all for naught, though, if people didn’t attend services, come for learning, enjoy sisterhood gatherings, mahjong, book club, bingo, trivia, concerts, and family and holiday celebrations. Our superb religious school is growing and is only improving under the careful guidance of Susan Martin. Our Zoom meetings are full, and the synagogue is alive with music, prayer, learning, and the raucous sounds of happy children.

Thank you as well for making MHJC the first synagogue in the area with a “Give from the Heart” model, enabling everyone to be a part of an engaging and vibrant holy community.

In the aftermath of the merger negotiations, still in the grips of a pandemic, our community resolved to stay strong. I know this was not easy: “too many cooks spoil the broth”; therefore, board meetings sometimes get cantankerous. Yet I believe we continue onward, for while our views may vary, our goals to create a magnificent religious, social and educational enterprise are the same.

We should feel proud that this coming year, 5783, will be the first in many that our membership numbers have increased over the previous year. It’s a sign that all your great efforts are paying off. So, thank you again, may this upcoming year bring new heights to Manetto Hill Jewish Center with your leadership and engagement.

Wishing you all a healthy, joyous, and growth-filled year ahead.

Shana Tov U’metukah,

R’ Neil, Judy and family

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