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The Path of Honor

The Path of Honor is the pathway into MHJC. As you enter our Shul, look down. You will see the engraved pavers honoring family, friends, Rabbis, groups, clubs and loved ones. The Path of Honor will be there as long as our building is and will be a living memory to your loved ones or a honor to those that you love.

To purchase a PAVER in our Path of Honor, please click this link and follow the steps below:

  1. If you are a member of Manetto Hill Jewish Center, please sign in to Shulcloud through the “People With Accounts Pay or Donate Here” on the left side of the screen.
  2. If you are a Visitor to our website and would like to purchase a leaf on our Path of Honor, please click the link above and fill out your name and information on the right side of the page “Visitors Pay or Donate Here”.
  3. Under “Payment Details”, please click the words “Please Choose One” under the label “Type“.
  4. Scroll to “Paver/Brick” and follow the prompts to purchase your PAVER in our Path of Honor.
  5. You will be contacted regarding your PAVER in our Path of Honor.

Thank you for your donation to Manetto Hill Jewish Center and your purchase of a leaf on the Tree of Life.

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