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Committees are a great way to get involved with Manetto Hill Jewish Center.  We need your talents and time to make MHJC the best community it can be!  Not all of our committees are listed here. To learn more about the many ways you can get involved at MHJC email our Communications Secretary, Felissa Allard (click her name to email her).

If you are interested in participating, click the name of the person listed next to the committee.   (If you don’t hear back immediately, please be persistent!  Our lay leadership are volunteers too and are juggling their own work, personal lives and temple commitments!)

Education Committee (Sarah Rabinovici) recommends the hiring and continuation of the education director to the Executive Board. It reviews the education director’s recommendations to hire faculty, the curriculum developed by the education director under the guidance of the Rabbi, and determines the policy and formulates rules and regulations for the administration of the Hebrew School, subject to the approval of the Rabbi as to halachic issues and the Executive Board on all other issues.  For more information about our Religious School, click here >>

Fundraising Committee (Lance Lefkowitz) is in charge of raising money through events and projects and oversees all fundraising endeavors.

House Committee (Brian Sudran) formulates and enforces rules governing the use of the premises by other organizations or persons; supervises the maintenance of the synagogue properties and equipment; investigates and reports to the Board of Directors any repairs, additions or equipment needed to maintain the buildings most efficiently; and is responsible for facility rentals that do not entail a food service component. The committee recommends fees, procedures and regulations for use of congregant facilities for approval by the Board of Directors.

Interfaith/Keruv/Engagement Committee (Lance Lefkowitz) develops support programs and opportunities for intermarried couples, interfaith families and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual) individuals and families to draw closer to the congregation. For more about interfaith families at Manetto Hill Jewish Center, click here >>

Israel, Jewish and Community Affairs Committee (Brian Sudran) develops and maintains liaison with other Jewish and Israeli organizations; educates and advocates with respect to Israel and Jewish issues on both a local and global level, and develops programming with respect to such issues. For more about Israeli and Jewish Affairs, click here >>

Membership Committee (Sarah Rabinovici) is responsible for the retention of existing members and the recruitment of new members; develops programs and incentives to encourage membership at Manetto Hill; investigates resignations and reports findings to the President and Rabbi; calls all appropriate committees to assist in membership retention; and presents prospective new members to the Board of Directors for approval.  For information regarding Membership. click here >>

Ritual Committee (Lance Lefkowitz) is in charge of all religious services subject to the authority of the Rabbi as the mara d’atra of the congregation. It formulates rules and regulations for religious practice subject to the approval of the rabbi as to halachic issues and the Board of Directors as to all other issues. It offers advice and guidance regarding the character and mode of the various services to the Rabbi. The committee is also in charge of all aspects of services during the High Holidays, the festivals, Shabbat services, and all holiday observances. The committee appoints gabbaim for religious services. For more information, click here >>

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