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2023-2024 Give From the Heart – Membership to MHJC

Instead of “traditional dues”, you decide your Sustaining Pledge to Manetto Hill Jewish Center through our Give From the Heart program.  This allows our members to make financially fiscal decisions that are best for their unique circumstances.

The Sustaining Pledge value is based upon specific variables.  In simple terms, it is the number that if each family unit pledged to Manetto Hill Jewish Center, we would have a balanced budget WITHOUT any fundraising or Religious School income.  We know and acknowledge that every family cannot give the Sustaining Pledge number, and ask that each family make a meaningful contribution to MHJC based on their personal circumstances and financial ability. 

Our numbers are transparent as we believe that the more information that we can share with our members, they can have a better understanding of our financies and make a more informed decision for their Sustaining Pledge.  We are a congregation that has always and will always assist each other in our ultimate goal of providing a religious and spirtual home to our community.

Here is how the Sustaining Pledge was calculated:

Line-Item Budgeted Expense 2023-2024 $490,006.40

Budgeted Religious School Income – Not Included in Calculation ($54,000.00)
Subtotal #1 $436,006.40

Budgeted Fundraising Income – Not Included in Calculation ($24,600)
Subtotal #2 $411,406.40

Memorial Plaque Expenses – Not Included in Calculation ($548.50)
Time for You Café – Not Included in Calculation ($540)
Total for Calculation Purposes $410,317.90

Sustaining Pledge Assuming 152 Families $2,699.46 

The 2023-2024 is $178.54 lower than the previous year.

2023-2024 Pledge Cards have been emailed to our returning members.  Pledge Cards have also been mailed to existing members.  Our Membership Application is available to download by clicking here.

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