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Events for June 2021

Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events
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Bereavement Group

19th of Sivan 5781

20th of Sivan 5781

21st of Sivan 5781

22nd of Sivan 5781

Sisterhood Meeting

23rd of Sivan 5781

Executive Board Meeting

24th of Sivan 5781

Installation of Officers

Candle lighting

25th of Sivan 5781

Parashat Sh’lach

Havdalah (42 min)

Bereavement Group

26th of Sivan 5781

Spark Event

27th of Sivan 5781

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Parent Meeting

28th of Sivan 5781

29th of Sivan 5781

Interfaith Committee Meeting

30th of Sivan 5781

Rosh Chodesh Tamuz

Book Club

House Meeting

1st of Tamuz 5781

Rosh Chodesh Tamuz

Candle lighting

Alyssa Rosenthal Bat Mitzvah

2nd of Tamuz 5781

Parashat Korach

Havdalah (42 min)

Bereavement Group

Membership BBQ at Washington Avenue Park

3rd of Tamuz 5781

Hirsch Baby Naming

4th of Tamuz 5781

5th of Tamuz 5781

Reopening Taskforce Meeting

6th of Tamuz 5781

7th of Tamuz 5781

8th of Tamuz 5781

Candle lighting

Kurt Roth Bar Mitzvah

9th of Tamuz 5781

Parashat Chukat

Havdalah (42 min)

Bereavement Group

10th of Tamuz 5781

11th of Tamuz 5781

Education Meeting

12th of Tamuz 5781

Calendar/Programming Planning Meeting

Shabbat Around the World – Virtual Tour of Spain

13th of Tamuz 5781

Religious School’s Fun 1K Group Event

14th of Tamuz 5781

Ritual Meeting

Shabbat Around the World – Spain

15th of Tamuz 5781

Candle lighting

16th of Tamuz 5781

Parashat Balak

Sudran’s Baby Naming for Avery

Havdalah (42 min)

Bereavement Group

Religious School Open House (Grades K-3)

17th of Tamuz 5781

Tzom Tammuz

Board of Directors Meeting

18th of Tamuz 5781

Fundraising Meeting

19th of Tamuz 5781

The Real Housewives of Canaan: A Women’s Discussion Forum – Zoom Edition

20th of Tamuz 5781

Israeli, Jewish and Community Affairs Committee Meeting

21st of Tamuz 5781

Executive Board Meeting

22nd of Tamuz 5781

Candle lighting

23rd of Tamuz 5781

Parashat Pinchas

Havdalah (42 min)

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