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Religious School

The 2023-2024 Religious School Application are available to download by clicking here.  Please email it to when complete.

If you have any questions, please call (516) 935-5454 or email them to

Our Religious School serves children from Age 3 through the years after their B’nai Mitzvah.  We have a multiple programs that introduce children to the fundamentals of Jewish Life and the Hebrew Language, while introducing them to the holidays and Torah studies in a warm fun environment.

Children begin their more focused Hebrew instruction in the 3rd grade (Aleph), which culminates in the 7th grade (Hay).  Our dedicated staff provides our children with a deep appreciation of their Jewish identity and an understanding of our rich heritage through the study of language, Bible, culture, Torah, Israel, history, traditions, and holiday study.

Our programs run from one day a month through two days a week.

Beginning in 3rd Grade, we offer a choice program for our parents.  This program will allow parents to choose the day of the week that their child(ren) will attend the multi-grade program, while continuing a one day a week traditional class learning.  This program will group together children of different ages in a way to enhance learning experiences and to enrich curriculum.  During the Sunday/Monday options, the children will be placed together by appropriate age groupings while maintaining the traditional class structure on Wednesdays.  The Sunday/Monday curriculum will be identical with a specialized Wednesday curriculum for each age group.

Our staff are certified teachers with a love for Judaism. We comply with all IEP and 504 plans that are provided to us and strive to meet children where they are.  We provide small group Hebrew instruction.  We will work with you to help your children thrive no matter what age they join us and what their prior religious education entailed.

Our Religious School also runs Shabbat programs that provide the children with a fun participatory opportunity to familiarize themselves with the prayers and learning that are a part of our Shabbat services.  These services are done in conjunction with our regular Friday night and Saturday morning services, as our Religious School is a critical component of our MHJC family.  Additional family programing is offered during the High Holidays and families are an integral part of regular services during Shabbat and holidays.

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To be enrolled in our Religious School, families must be members of MHJC by submitting a Give From the Heart Sustaining Pledge.

The tuition of Religious School per child is $1,300, with no other fees or additional costs.

Tuition is complimentary for pre-primary and primary, with a $300 per child book and activity fee.  There will be no other costs or fees requested.

Tuition is $500 for our post-Bar/Bat Mitzvah class.  There will be no other costs or fees requested.

Tuition is discounted by 10% for additional children within your family.  We look forward to welcoming you and your children to our family.

Our Religious School is nut-free and kosher.  We work with families to accommodate allergies so that our children can learn in a safe environment.

Click here to open and download the 2023-2024 Hebrew School Application.  

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