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Pishka Donation


When our Daily Minyan was held in person, it was a tradition to make a small donation upon the completion of the Silent Amidah into the small box on the Bimah.  The was our “Pishka, our “little box”.

With the loss of in-person daily prayer, those wishing to donate upon the completion of the Silent Amidah could no longer do so.  These donations were made to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund, Manetto Hill Jewish Center or to help our community.

While not as easy as walking up to to Bimah, we no have the ability to make these donations through our website.  We apologize for the multiple steps to have this happen, you can make a donation as you wish…for the day, week, month or even the year.

To make a donation to the Pishka, please click this link and follow the steps below:

  1. If you are a member of Manetto Hill Jewish Center, please sign in to Shulcloud through the “People With Accounts Pay or Donate Here” on the left side of the screen.
  2. If you are a Visitor to our website and would like to make a donation to our Pishka, please click the link above and fill out your name and information on the right side of the page “Visitors Pay or Donate Here”.
  3. Under “Payment Details”, please click the words “Please Choose One” under the label “Type“.
  4. Scroll to “Pishka Donation” and follow the prompts to make your donation.  Under payment notes, you can send us a message is you wish to have this donation recurring so you do not have to login every time you attend our Daily Minyan.

We thank you for your donation to our Pishka.


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